The Best Price Tracker For Amazon

If you want complete and instant insights into the pricing history and changes on Amazon, it is time you invested in a quality Amazon price tracker. As evident from the name itself, these price trackers work by informing you about the price changes and overall history of your preferred Amazon products. Over the next few sections of this article, we will discuss how these trackers work, while also listing the tools that have garnered maximum positive reviews for the benefits they come to offer.  

The Best Tool for Tracking Price on Amazon

If you’re wondering which price tracker to choose among the various incredible options, this list will certainly help you out. Keep reading to find out which price tracker is better among the lot.  


When it comes to tracking the price of any product on Amazon, you can’t ever go wrong with CamelCamelCamel. Loaded with incredible features, this app gives you detailed information about the price history, the price changes, and every other information you probably want to know. This web-based extension also helps with keyword research, allowing you to use the best and the most heavily searched keywords on your respective listing. So, if you’re looking to boost the visibility of your listing, this free application will certainly live up to your needs.  


If you’re a newbie merchant looking to track Amazon prices, Keepa might just be the option for you. This tool has everything you need, and it duly informs you about the price changes and the price drops. So, if you want to buy some items in wholesale, this will be a great tool for you. In addition to the price tracking functionality, this tool will also help with product research and keyword research. While most of its basic versions are available free of cost, you can also sign up for the premium versions for complete and unfiltered access to customer metrics.  

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Amazon Price Tracker by DigitalInspiration  

Ideal for both newbie and experienced Amazon merchants, the Amazon Price Tracker is extremely easy to work with. To work with this Amazon price monitor, you first need to create a watchlist. This can be done by adding the links of multiple products from Amazon. After creating the Amazon price watch, you’ll now have to add a price threshold. This way, you will get instant alerts every time a product reaches that specific price threshold. As of now, this tool only allows email alerts.  


As with our Camel extension, this one is a free tool that informs you about price changes and overall price metrics. This tool can be added on any browser and its working mechanism is equally simple and hassle-free. Honey claims to bridge the gap that Amazon has ended up creating. It claims to compare the listings from different sellers and inform you about the lowest price. Since you’re aware of the lowest price, you also get to know what your ideal price range should be while introducing an Amazon listing. This way, you will also get a competitive edge against other merchants selling the same products. Since your item now has the best price, more customers will be inclined to buy it. The result: higher sales with minimum effort. 

Waatcher does, exactly what you expect from it. This is a web-based amazon price tracker app that will inform you about the changes (both increase and decrease) in the price of your listed products. As with most of the price tracking applications featured on our list, to work with this one, you will first need to create a price watch and set a minimum and maximum cost threshold. The web-app will then inform you every time the item meets that threshold. Its overall features are quite simple, and you’d end up using it comfortably even if you’re a first-time merchant.  

Bottom Line 

Well, these were some of the best tools for tracking prices on Amazon. Use them to your advantage, by either altering your existing listing as per the price changes or buying your preferred products in bulk at the lowest price. Either way, most of them are easy to operate and we’d recommend them for the benefits it comes to offer.  


Q. What Is a Price Tracking Tool on Amazon?  

A A price tracking tool is a web application, or a browser extension that informs you about every minute change in a product’s price. It works really fast whereby all you need to do is enter your preferred product and your desired price threshold.  

Q. Does Amazon Let You View Price History?  

A No, the eCommerce giant doesn’t allow you to view the price history of one or more products. That is why you should use a price tracker to stay well-abreast of the pricing history trends.  

Q. Will Amazon Alert Me During Price Drops?  

A While the shopping portal might alert you during price drops, it isn’t always accurate. That is why, you need a proper price tracker for complete information.  

Q. Will Amazon Refund My Money During a Price Drop?  

A No, Amazon won’t process refunds in the event of price drops.