Amazon Listing Optimization

how to optimize amazon listings

Selling successfully through Amazon involves several steps including amazon product listing optimization. Listing plays a very significant role in boosting your sales because through listing your product the right way you can get a good product rank so that more customers can find it. However, this process includes several factors such as the title of the product, images, and description, etc.

Here, we have discussed how to optimize Amazon listing.

How Are Products Ranked by Amazon?

Amazon uses a product ranking algorithm called A9 to rank the items. This algorithm takes into account several factors and ranks the items based on what people are actually searching for.

Elements of Amazon Product Listings 

This process includes 6 major factors namely title of the product, Ratings, Description of product, Product Images, Features that the product possess, and Reviews of the product . If you perfectly optimize amazon listing through these elements, the chances of your product being found by customers increase greatly.

Title of the Item

Title of the product is probably the first thing a potential customer will read on its page, so it has to be precise and catchy. For most items, Amazon allows around 250 characters for the title. As a seller, you should ensure that you utilize these characters wisely by including the most appropriate keywords and product benefits in the title.


Ratings hugely impact buyer’s decision about whether they should buy the product or not. Make sure your product has a 4 star or above rating and if that is not the case try to find the reason behind bad reviews and ratings by carefully analyzing customer’s feedback and resolving their issues.

Product Description

Most of the buyers read product descriptions to know how can the product benefit them and what are its features. The limit of product description is around 290-300 words. Searching for Amazon Product Research Tool try AMZ Metrics free trial in 2020 and free tools.
In this section, focus on the quality, benefits, and advantages of the item you are selling. Remember to use short sentences while writing the descriptions.

Product Images

Images of the items you are trying to sell can either leave a very strong or negative impression on the visitors, that is why they are very important. Amazon allows a maximum of 9 images per product. Always ensure that images are of high quality and show the product’s most valuable features.

Product Features

Product features further allow you to show the customer how good your product is and why they should buy it. Product features are written in bullet points and a maximum of 1000 characters can be used.

To write engaging content for this section, you must think what the buyers would actually want to learn about the product. It is a good practice that you include product warranty (if any) in the features section.

Product Reviews

The number of reviews of the product is vital to increasing its sales. The more positive reviews, the more buyers will trust your product. Generally, if your product has more 350-400 reviews and the majority of them are positive, it is most likely that your product will generate high sales.

How to Optimize Amazon Product Listings through Keywords?

In addition to perfectly optimizing the above 6 elements, you should focus on keywords as well. Right keywords can definitely help you with earning high profits by giving your product a high ranking on Amazon. There are several tools out there that can find the perfect keywords for your product.

Top 3 Tools for Amazon Listing Optimization

Below we have mentioned the best 3 tools that provide amazon optimization services.

1. IO Scout

IO Scout is a great amazon listing optimization tool. It uses accurate data of about 150 million products and displays the results based on that. It also lets you track products and analyze detailed product history. You can also spy on your competitor’s performance through this tool.

2. Seller App

Seller App is another excellent tool for Amazon sellers. From keyword research and listing optimization to running the perfect PPC campaign, this tool will help you with everything.

3. Jungle Scout

Jungle scout has numerous tools and features for sellers. You can get the right keywords through its tool for finding keywords and track products through product tracker. What’s more, it also includes a profit calculator and many learning videos for Amazon sellers.


Optimizing the product listing by using the best practices is definitely the best way for any Amazon seller to increase sales, profits, and revenues.