The Best Price Tracker For Amazon

If you want complete and instant insights into the pricing history and changes on Amazon, it is time you invested in a quality Amazon price tracker. As evident from the name itself, these price trackers work by informing you about the price changes and overall history of your preferred Amazon products. Over the next few sections of this article, we will discuss how these trackers work, while also listing the tools that have garnered maximum positive reviews for the benefits they come to offer.

The Best Tool for Tracking Price on Amazon

If you’re wondering which price tracker to choose among the various incredible options, this list will certainly help you out. Keep reading to find out which price tracker is better among the lot.


When it comes to tracking the price of any product on Amazon for example books, you can’t ever go wrong with CamelCamelCamel. How to sell books on Amazon by IO Scout, is a really helpful guide for Amazon sellers. Before you start to sell books on Amazon, read their Amazon sell books guide. Loaded with incredible features, this app gives you detailed information about the price history, the price changes, and every other information you probably want to know. This web-based extension also helps with keyword research, allowing you to use the best and the most heavily searched keywords on your respective listing. So, if you’re looking to boost the visibility of your listing, this free application will certainly live up to your needs.


If you’re a newbie merchant looking to track Amazon prices, Keepa might just be the option for you. This tool has everything you need, and it duly informs you about the price changes and the price drops. So, if you want to buy some items in wholesale, this will be a great tool for you. In addition to the price tracking functionality, this tool will also help with product research and keyword research. While most of its basic versions are available free of cost, you can also sign up for the premium versions for complete and unfiltered access to customer metrics.

amazon price tracker

Amazon Price Tracker by DigitalInspiration

Ideal for both newbie and experienced Amazon merchants, the Amazon Price Tracker is extremely easy to work with. To work with this Amazon price monitor, you first need to create a watchlist. This can be done by adding the links of multiple products like books from Amazon. After creating the Amazon price watch, you’ll now have to add a price threshold. This way, you will get instant alerts every time a product (books) reaches that specific price threshold. As of now, this tool only allows email alerts.


As with our Camel extension, this one is a free tool that informs you about price changes and overall price metrics. This tool can be added on any browser and its working mechanism is equally simple and hassle-free. Honey claims to bridge the gap that Amazon has ended up creating. It claims to compare the listings from different sellers and inform you about the lowest price. Since you’re aware of the lowest price, you also get to know what your ideal price range should be while introducing an Amazon listing. This way, you will also get a competitive edge against other merchants selling the same books. Since your item now has the best price, more customers will be inclined to buy it. The result: higher sales with minimum effort.

Waatcher does, exactly what you expect from it. This is a web-based amazon price tracker app that will inform you about the changes (both increase and decrease) in the price of your listed textbooks. As with most of the price tracking applications featured on our list, to work with this one, you will first need to create a price watch and set a minimum and maximum cost threshold. The web-app will then inform you every time the item meets that threshold. Its overall features are quite simple, and you’d end up using it comfortably even if you’re a first-time merchant.

Bottom Line

Well, these were some of the best tools for tracking prices on Amazon. Use them to your advantage, by either altering your existing listing as per the price changes or buying your preferred textbooks in bulk at the lowest price. Either way, most of them are easy to operate and we’d recommend them for the benefits it comes to offer.


Q. What Is a Price Tracking Tool on Amazon?

A A price tracking tool is a web application, or a browser extension that informs you about every minute change in a product’s price. It works really fast whereby all you need to do is enter your preferred product and your desired price threshold.

Q. Does Amazon Let You View Price History?  

A No, the eCommerce giant doesn’t allow you to view the price history of one or more products. That is why you should use a price tracker to stay well-abreast of the pricing history trends.

Q. Will Amazon Alert Me During Price Drops?  

A While the shopping portal might alert you during price drops, it isn’t always accurate. That is why, you need a proper price tracker for complete information.

Q. Will Amazon Refund My Money During a Price Drop?  

A No, Amazon won’t process refunds in the event of price drops.


An FBA Guide for Absolute Beginners

best products to sell on amazon fba

Running a business on Amazon is not easy. If you manage to set up a business, you then have to worry about order fulfillment. Here, Amazon gives you two options: Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) or Fulfillment by Amazon. Check the new IO Scout FBA Calculator and IO Scout product finder for Amazon and find the best products to sell.
Since this article is an Amazon FBA guide for absolute beginners, we will stick to FBA.

What is Amazon FBA?

The Amazon FBA program is what simplifies order fulfillment for Amazon sellers. Instead of the seller doing his or her own shipping and delivery of items when a customer buys them, Amazon handles it on their behalf. All the FBA seller needs to do is ship the products to one of Amazon’s many fulfillment centers. From there, Amazon will go pick up the items, package them and ship them once an order is received.

FBA is contrasted to FBM, which is where you, the seller, is responsible for your own shipping. While others prefer this method, it can end being expensive for the seller, which automatically means it is also expensive for the customers.

You also need to know that you must be a member of Amazon Seller Central before joining Amazon FBA. That means picking what to sell on Amazon FBA is up to you, as well as marketing it and keeping the stock levels updated.

Why You Should Join Amazon FBA?

When you run an Amazon FBA business, there are a number of benefits that come with it. Here are the biggest.

No Need to Worry About Order Fulfillment

Since Amazon is taking care of order fulfillment for you, you have more free time on your hands. This means you can channel that free time into other activities that can grow your profits and your business. In short, FBA selling allows you to focus more on selling and tending to your customers’ needs, which can help you increase sales.

No Need to Worry About Returns and Refunds

On top of handling order fulfillment for you, Amazon FBA also takes care of the returns and refunds for you as well. This should greatly increase your customer service delivery and help you minimize a lot of complaints. However, keep in mind that Amazon is not responsible for handling customer complaints – that is up to you.

Access to Amazon Prime

When you start selling on Amazon FBA, it means that your items are eligible for Amazon Prime. This opens you up to an ever wider audience of shoppers who prefer to shop through Amazon Prime. This means more sales for you.

No More Inventory Storage Concerns

By sending your products to fulfillment centers, it means you don’t have to worry about inventory space. Amazon can store all your inventory, and dispatch orders much faster than if you had to do it yourself. And when you are running low on inventory, you can expect Amazon to notify you. You will then have to send more stock to replenish your inventory.

How Can I Join Amazon FBA?

Starting an Amazon FBA business requires you to register for the FBA program. All you have to do is go to the FBA homepage and click on “Get Started.” Then it is just a matter of following the steps outlined by Amazon to be a member of the program.

Are There Any FBA Fees that I Need to Be Aware Of?

Before you jump into becoming a member of Amazon FBA, you need to know there are fees involved. Here are the fees you need to be most aware of:

  • Seller Central Fees : Since a Seller Central account is required, you can choose between Individual and Business account types. For the Individual account, you will pay $0.99 per item sold. On the other hand, you just pay a monthly fee of $39.99 for the Business plan.
  • Fulfillment Fees : You will also be expected to pay fulfillment fees for the picking, packing and shipping of items by Amazon. These fees are dependent on the size and weight of the items.
  • Monthly Inventory Fees : Another fee you should be concerned with is the fee for storing the items at Amazon’s fulfillment centers. These fees are calculated per cubic feet of each item.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – an FBA guide for absolute beginners. With what you know now, it should be easier for you to join FBA and enjoy the benefits. Just keep in mind that FBA takes away the worry of order fulfillment, leaving you with a more worthwhile concern – selling your products to maximize profits.


Viral Launch Review: Boost Your Sales on Amazon

Of course, when you launch your goods on an online platform like Amazon, you would expect to attract buyers and make sales after some time, if not immediately. Unfortunately, that would not be the case if you do not employ proper marketing strategies. You won’t be able to structure good marketing strategies if you lack the right information concerning the market.

 The handiness of Amazon tools like Viral Launch will be of help to research intensely about the market on how to attract shoppers to your page and the product that attracts more sales and profit when you sell them.

What to Know About Viral Launch

Rated among the popular Amazon tools in 2020, Viral Launch is an all-inclusive suite of tools offering services like those of Sellics and Helium 10. The tool has features that can assist a seller in researching a product, relate ideas and point out potential buyers and competitors. It provides information that allows you to be creative when making a decision regarding the items to sell and the marketing strategies to use.

viral launch packages

The advantage of this tool is its ability that allows you to track your competitors. It will alert you when the rank of your direct competitors rises or lowers. Such information allows you to understand how they make their moves and come up with a strategy to be more competitive than them. To attract more buyers to your Amazon page, you have no other option than using unique keywords that most online shoppers use when looking for items that belong to the category you are selling. The viral launch has features that will give you suggestions on the type of keywords to use when marketing your products.

Searching for the Perfect Item to Sell?

You will get very disappointed when you open an Amazon seller account and end up offering products with less or no demand. You will regret wasting your time and money without gaining anything. You can avoid such a scenario by trusting Viral Launch to assist you to discover the best product to retail. When you open the site, it allows you to search for the type of products you were thinking of selling. You can also type the keyword and define the price of the product you are searching and it will display the results on the screen.

  • Marketplace Intelligence

Users’ reviews and feedbacks show that viral launch is more intelligent regarding the Amazon marketplace. It will analyze the information it gets regarding the market you choose and the type of products you want to retail. With the final findings, you will make an informed decision because it would have shown you if the item you want to sell suits the market. It offers the correct information for a specific market. The info entails product sales and prices, monthly income, seller’s margin and future estimates.

  • Keyword Research

When you decide to be an online seller, you should keep in mind that you have better keywords linked to your product since its launching until you sell them. To be a prosperous seller on platforms like Amazon, you need to ensure all odds are on your side when launching your items.

You need to use the best Keyword Research tool like Viral Launch to evaluate every monthly item search. This is the best method to picture the potential sales you can make on the market. What you need to know is that when a product has a high search volume, you should expect to face more competition. Your main aim should be to discover a product with high demand that you can compete fairly with other merchants.

Moreover, with Viral Launch, you can discover ideas about interrelated items. When you have a good keyword, your product will attract more shoppers to your product page because when they search for certain keywords, it directs them to your item. With many visitors on your page, there is a high chance that you will sell more products.

Final opinion

It is an Amazon basic tool that was made to assist sellers, especially when they are launching new products. Even a person who has not used the platform before can find Viral Launch easy to use and discover the best item to supply. You can depend on the tool to launch your items effectively.

Although the tool is not that efficient on the other process that follows after launching an item, you can track an item but it is not that advanced compared to other Amazon tools like Sellics, helium 10, or Jungle scout.



Amazon Listing Optimization

how to optimize amazon listings

Selling successfully through Amazon involves several steps including amazon product listing optimization. Listing plays a very significant role in boosting your sales because through listing your product the right way you can get a good product rank so that more customers can find it. However, this process includes several factors such as the title of the product, images, and description, etc.

Here, we have discussed how to optimize Amazon listing.

How Are Products Ranked by Amazon?

Amazon uses a product ranking algorithm called A9 to rank the items. This algorithm takes into account several factors and ranks the items based on what people are actually searching for.

Elements of Amazon Product Listings 

This process includes 6 major factors namely title of the product, Ratings, Description of product, Product Images, Features that the product possess, and Reviews of the product . If you perfectly optimize amazon listing through these elements, the chances of your product being found by customers increase greatly.

Title of the Item

Title of the product is probably the first thing a potential customer will read on its page, so it has to be precise and catchy. For most items, Amazon allows around 250 characters for the title. As a seller, you should ensure that you utilize these characters wisely by including the most appropriate keywords and product benefits in the title.


Ratings hugely impact buyer’s decision about whether they should buy the product or not. Make sure your product has a 4 star or above rating and if that is not the case try to find the reason behind bad reviews and ratings by carefully analyzing customer’s feedback and resolving their issues.

Product Description

Most of the buyers read product descriptions to know how can the product benefit them and what are its features. The limit of product description is around 290-300 words. Searching for Amazon Product Research Tool try AMZ Metrics free trial in 2020 and free tools.
In this section, focus on the quality, benefits, and advantages of the item you are selling. Remember to use short sentences while writing the descriptions.

Product Images

Images of the items you are trying to sell can either leave a very strong or negative impression on the visitors, that is why they are very important. Amazon allows a maximum of 9 images per product. Always ensure that images are of high quality and show the product’s most valuable features.

Product Features

Product features further allow you to show the customer how good your product is and why they should buy it. Product features are written in bullet points and a maximum of 1000 characters can be used.

To write engaging content for this section, you must think what the buyers would actually want to learn about the product. It is a good practice that you include product warranty (if any) in the features section.

Product Reviews

The number of reviews of the product is vital to increasing its sales. The more positive reviews, the more buyers will trust your product. Generally, if your product has more 350-400 reviews and the majority of them are positive, it is most likely that your product will generate high sales.

How to Optimize Amazon Product Listings through Keywords?

In addition to perfectly optimizing the above 6 elements, you should focus on keywords as well. Right keywords can definitely help you with earning high profits by giving your product a high ranking on Amazon. There are several tools out there that can find the perfect keywords for your product.

Top 3 Tools for Amazon Listing Optimization

Below we have mentioned the best 3 tools that provide amazon optimization services.

1. IO Scout

IO Scout is a great amazon listing optimization tool. It uses accurate data of about 150 million products and displays the results based on that. It also lets you track products and analyze detailed product history. You can also spy on your competitor’s performance through this tool.

2. Seller App

Seller App is another excellent tool for Amazon sellers. From keyword research and listing optimization to running the perfect PPC campaign, this tool will help you with everything.

3. Jungle Scout

Jungle scout has numerous tools and features for sellers. You can get the right keywords through its tool for finding keywords and track products through product tracker. What’s more, it also includes a profit calculator and many learning videos for Amazon sellers.


Optimizing the product listing by using the best practices is definitely the best way for any Amazon seller to increase sales, profits, and revenues.